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Excavators for rent.

Excavators for Rent

Pioneer Machinery offers a wide range of hydraulic excavators for rent. Caterpillar excavators are known for swing torque, hydraulic power, control, faster cycle times, reliability, low operating costs, and the best tons per hour productivity in the industry.

ModelHorsepowerOperating WeightFuel Capacity
CAT 336EL300 hp86,796 lbs163.8 gal
CAT 328D LCR204 hp87,850 lbs106 gal
CAT 321D LCR*148 hp51,875 lbs87 gal
CAT 314E LCR90 hp32,600 lbs47 gal
CAT 308E266 hp18,519 lbs33 gal
CAT 305 E240 hp11,443 lbs16 gal
CAT 303.531 hp7,734 lbs12 gal
CAT 303E23 hp7,797 lbs11 gal
CAT 302.720 hp5,890 lbs9 gal
JOHN DEERE 50D38.1 hp10,811 lbs18.5 gal